Out with the old and in with the new!

“Out with the old and in with the new!”  What does that mean exactly? In the fall of 2015, my schedule was packed with photo sessions. I worked every weekend in September and October. I had photo sessions booked every morning and afternoon while editing like crazy during the workweek. I loved having the “high” of booking clients and shooting their sessions. I really had a great time chasing after small children and being the loudest person in the park. But there was something that was tugging at my heart. I really missed spending these mornings and afternoons with my family. I started to feel sad too. Spring and Fall is the busiest time for photography. I totally get why too. The trees are either in bloom or have that brilliant fall color. The weather is perfect too.IMG_8722680285_328264800614325_1217717254_o

Every weekend there’s spring and fall festivities. I missed out on a lot of them too. When I looked at my calendar hoping to fit something in, I got very sad. It really hurt my heart missing these young years with my child. I felt this way with Austin, no doubt about it. After Audrey was born, I know these years were going to fly by. Austin is already 5! I needed to make a decision. Over the past year, I would bring my feelings to Rob. I needed to talk this out. This was a big decision for me. Why, what’s the big deal? Well…I worked so hard to build my clientele. I spent a lot of money to build my business too. You know what they say, “you have to spend money to make money.”  Then the time designing my logo, web site and so on. But the biggest deal was failure. Am I failure for quitting? I hate quitting. I even hate that word “quit.” Finally, after my final discussion with Rob, he assured me of his support. Then the next step was the “email.” I was so scared hitting that send button. I clicked send… and you know what? I received many messages expressing support! I couldn’t sleep that night, because I was reading my emails that kept coming in! I no longer felt ashamed for “quitting.” I am proud of myself for the work I’ve done in the past 5 years. I am SO grateful for the friendships I’ve made in those 5 years too!  After I closed my web site and sent my email out to everyone, I felt better about the future with my family. I was immediately daydreaming of the fall and how we are going to spend time together. I am really excited!

Ok, so what’s the new all about? I still have a need to be creative. It’s who I am. If i’m not doing something creative, I get crabby! Just ask my hubby 🙂 For a really long time, I always wanted to start a blog and vlog on random topics. I love photography and videography! Why not use both to show the world my ideas and knowledge! I don’t expect to be popular at this. If I give ONE person a smile, then I’m happy! So expect my silly random posts on Disney and other “mom” ideas. This isn’t going to take away time from my family, because it will involve them! How fun is that? So please follow and subscribe to my blog and Youtube channel. It will mean the world to me, whether I have one follower or  50 followers! It doesn’t matter 🙂 My channel will be up and running shortly.

Thanks for reading. Now let’s have a magical time!



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