Jenny Lind High Chair

I love collecting old things. I like to imagine what kind of people owned these objects. For example, I own two vintage typewriters. I try to think of the people who put a lot of thought into what they were typing. Were they typing letters to their loved ones?  Then I came across photos of vintage high chairs on Pinterest. I was on a mission to find a Jenny Lind high chair! I read numerous blogs on how hard they were to find. I searched Ebay and Etsy, they were listed for $200 and up! I couldn’t give in to paying that much (at least not right away. Only if I was desperate enough, I would have). I’m pretty good with research skills, I wasn’t going to give up so easy anyway. Craiglist had one listing. That person lived a hour away. I was going to beg my husband to get it, he loves me right? I never really paid any attention to the new feature on Facebook, the market section. I was up really late one night because I couldn’t get it off my mind! I got on Facebook and that lightbulb went off! Look in that market section!! And so I did! There was a listing that was close to the house! Boy, was I lucky. I really do think something was pulling me to look there that night. So whatever it was-I was thankful!

Chalkpaint and some help from my parents, it is now perfect. Exactly what I wanted for my baby girl. Now I can imagine the child who once sat in this chair. Their loving mother feeding them meals from the heart 🙂



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