Disney makes us feel alive!

It’s true, Disney World is magical. I didn’t get to experience Disney World until I was in my early 30’s. My husband and I went without our son (don’t worry, we made it up to him later on) for my first visit. I cried when I saw the castle! I’m a grown woman and that castle made me cry! Disney just does it right. It’s so hard explain the feelings you have when entering the massive property. I couldn’t wait to plan our next trip with our son. I thought a Disney cruise would be a good idea as well. Let me tell you right now-the cruise is amazing. We’ve cruised many nice cruise lines and nothing compares to a Disney cruise. The theming, the food, the entertainment, their private island and the easy access to characters. It’s Magical. During this first trip with our son, we decided to become Disney Vacation Club Members. It’s basically a time share with the Disney company. I ‘m pretty proud to be a member too. It’s like being involved with a community. The members are very involved as you’ll find many online groups sharing their memories and knowledge with each other. I love hearing “Welcome Home!” from the cast members as we enter into our home villas (we own at The Grand Floridian and Bay Lake Tower). If you’re asking me if it’s worth being a DVC member, I would immediately say yes! We go so often, we always end up borrowing points from the following year. Here’s what I love about Disney World-the sights, the smells, the feeling of being welcomed, being yourself and getting complimented for it! Disney World is for everyone and I love that. I started this blog because this subject has many compartments. One blog post isn’t going to be enough, so keep checking back each week. Here is one of our videos (happens to be my most favorite for now). I hope it gives you a smile and an idea why it makes our family feel alive!

4 thoughts on “Disney makes us feel alive!

  1. Kari Ann says:

    So excited to read your future posts! I too experienced Disney for the first time as an adult. My husband and two kids all had our first experience together during the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party a few years ago. And I said the same thing over and over, “This place is magical!!” We love going back and have our first Disney Cruise planned for March!

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