Bringing more magic to your home!

I’m always looking for ways of bringing the magic to our home. We all wish we were in Walt Disney World right now. But in reality we cannot simply live there. Can you imagine life if you could? Disney is everywhere. Try to walk in a store and NOT see something with the Disney logo on it! The gas station? It’s there! If you’re like me, you notice it too! I like looking for it! I wanted to show you some stuff I recently came across that is fun and unique. Afterall, it makes us happy!

First of all-have you updated your iwatch? Because this new update is AWESOME! Tap on Minnie (or Mickey) and she talks to you! It’s adorable!


Utz Halloween snacks are available at Target! The packaging is bright! Mickey Shaped Veggie Chips can be purchased from Target or Fresh Thyme. Pure Growth animal crackers are available at Walmart!


Joffrey’s coffee is available in Walt Disney World Resorts! Ever tried it? It’s very good! You can purchase their coffee online here.


This Pixar crock pot is a winner for dinner! It is sold by Box Lunch for $42.90 but you can get it cheaper on Amazon for $35.00.


And finally…. THIS. That Grand Floridian smell. Yes my friends, this is legit. Ahhhhhhh…… Anthology candles sold here.


I will continue to search for goodies to remind us of the Happiest Place on Earth! Keep checking back for more!



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