It’s a packing party!

Hey everyone! I wanted to say hello and welcome to my new subscribers! Also, I have been working on future content for this blog and my YouTube Channel. I have some exciting stuff to cover. I can hardly stand my excitement!

This March we will be making a trip to Walt Disney World and Disney Dream! This will be our first trip away as a family of four. We are so used to traveling with just our son. More stuff to pack! I’m overwhelmed already! Which brings me to the subject of packing!

I want to be as organized as I possibly can for this trip. I created a simple list to scribble on. I saw too many lists online that did not suit my needs. Why use a list of items that you know you’re not going to use. It’ll only confuse you. Let’s just start with a clean sheet of paper. You might want to print a few copies, as you might want to start on your brainstorming before the “official” list. It’s how my thought process works… Make a list and scratch off the things you really don’t need.

I hope this will help your packing journey. It is an exciting one! Have a Magical Trip!

To download Packing List, click here —>  oh-boy-packing

Be sure to “Save as” once the file is open.




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