We all scream for Disney Ice Cream!

What do you do when you’re home sick? Home sick from Walt Disney World that is. You eat the new Disney themed ice cream!

The closest you’ll ever get to Walt Disney World are these Mickey shaped ice cream bars from Nestle. They are on a limited run, so hurry!


I puchased my treats from our local Dierburg’s in St. Louis, MO.









Store verison

The limited edition in grocery stores


The original package available in WDW

I have been asked a lot on Instagram where can they find them. Here is a list below. Don’t be afraid to call the store manager as well. They were able to tell me when shipments were arriving. These are limited-don’t give up!

Food 4 Less
Harris Teeter
Crest Foods
Milam’s Markets
Weis Markets
Woodman’s Market
Fred Meyer
Market Basket
Giant Eagle

The NEW Toy Story ice cream by Edys is available to everyone and should be easy to find.

toy copy

I hope everyone finds this post helpful! Enjoy!

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