Disneyland Paris?


Is it worth going to Disneyland Paris?

I love the Disney brand and usually they get things right. My husband and I debated whether or not we should go to Disneyland Paris on our last day in Paris.  We both decided to hop on the train and see our old friend Mickey.

First impression went something like this. When the train stopped at the park, it seemed quiet. I wasn’t for sure if it was our stop. I was expecting music, color, decor and balloons! The ticket counter cast member was extremely nice and helpful, so that was a great start. As we entered Main Street I thought, “where’s the pretty Mickey balloons”? They had balloons, but not the fun ones sold on Main Street in Walt Disney World or Disneyland California. Ok, no big deal… Why is Main street so devoid of cast members? I always wave to plenty of cast members as we walk through Main Street. No cast members were seen! Want a picture in front of the castle? Where’s the photographer? As I put on my Mickey ears, I felt so out of place. I rarely saw anyone wearing any fun Disney flair! Ok, this is getting weird.

The fast pass line was a little frustrating, people were showing up way too early for their return time. The cast members would allow them to stand in the way of those who were there on time. It was so unorganized, I couldn’t help to wonder if I was at a typical amusement park. This didn’t feel like the Disney magic we’re used to. The crowd level that day was managable.  We had heard rumors that the food wasn’t great in DLP. So we opted for Casey’s Corner for a hotdog. I can’t imagine they could screw up a hotdog, but they did! The bread was horrible! My goodness!

We did some shopping, but the merchandise was nothing special. Shopping in Disney parks is exciting! Heck, even Shop Disney is fun! DLP main store was so dissapointing. Disney merchandice is better at Target and Walmart compared to DLP.

I feel horrible about my feelings on Disneyland Paris. Perhaps it was an off day. I came there with an open mind after reading many bad reviews on the park. I do have to agree that Disney needs to step in soon to help this park. I hope D23 will have big news to change things soon.

On the positive side, everyone is going to LOVE Ratatouille. I was so thankful to experience this ride before the opening in Epcot. This is going to be a fantastic addition to World Showcase. DLP version of Space Mountain is also amazing and much more intense than the WDW version.


Bottom line is this: If you are a true Disney fan, you should go to Disneyland Paris. If you don’t have the time, you should skip it. This park is not a destination, just an attraction. They need a lot of help and I am hopeful they will bring Disneyland Paris to the glory it needs to be in.

As always, thank you for reading and your support!

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