A Rare and Radiant Event

As most of you know, I love Tiffany and Company. The color itself is gravitating. If you seach the hashtag #Tiffanyandco or #tiffanyblue on Instagram, you’ll see thousands of posts by obsessed fans. We started shopping in the St. Louis store years ago. I never owned a piece of Tiffany until after I was married. I actually didn’t know much about Tiffany until I started watching the “Antique Roadshow” on PBS. The most common item on that show was the Tiffany Lamp. Back then I thought Tiffany only made antique lamps!

Over the years, I’ve bought a variety of items. These items range from china, leather, cashmere, candles, silver and paper. It was my husband who bought my wedding set, etc. I may walk in the store and try everything on and dream but I would never buy any diamond related items without him. I feel like that’s something we or he should decide on. I also hold a special place for these items in my heart. It’s important they have sentimental value to me. I eventually want to also hand these items down to my family.

I often get asked how I am associated with Tiffany and Company. Honestly, I think it’s from my passion and excitment I have for the company. I don’t work for them, but I love the story behind the brand. I also like to feel out the staff. Are they eager to help you? Are they smiling? Do they get excited when they explain the jewelrey? Are they eager for you to try the pieces on? Are they wearing Tiffany? For me, I want a yes to all of those questions. When they are excited, I’m excited! I hope they get excited when I come in the store too. I love asking questions. I love seeing the Blue Book (you should ask to see it!) I love the window and table displays! I’ve seen the staff so often, I now know about their kids, spouses, their hobbies, etc! You don’t have to buy anything! You’re always welcomed! I believe over the years, we’ve become a family. I think they know how much more I want to learn from Tiffany. This is why I was invited to the event in Chicago: The Rare and Radiant Gala.

Tiffany and Company, Michigan Ave, Chicago

When we arrived to The Peninsula, we had a lovely dinner at Ralph Lauren. The next morning we planned on meeting in the store at 10:30am. We didn’t have to visit the store but I wanted to visit anyway and meet people. We didn’t plan on staying the entire day either! We were there all day long! Time flew by because we were meeting incredible people. We met Vicky Renolds, VP of Gemstone Acquisition and Custom Design (Blue Book!!). I can’t tell you how many times we requested to see her to ask more questions! She was so sweet to us, we were all amazed by her information. Her stories were the best. I’ll never forget that moment! I can’t forget to mention Liza Zito, Senior Director of the Chicago Market and Bill the Michicgan Avenue Store Manger (I can’t remember his last name, but expert on gems! He ordered us a chicago deep dish pizza!)

The evening was the gala. All I could think about was wearing my dress. The gala was beautiful. Cocktails were in the Tiffany store and the actual event was in the The Peninsula. We all got to hear the CEO, Alessandro Bogliolo speak! We enjoyed dinner, dancing and a generious gift they gave afterwards! On the way out, Mr. Bogliolo stopped by and shook our hands and introduced himself! Pinch me!

Another often asked question was, “where did you get the dress?” It was purchased over text in Texas! My husband actually did the research and found it! It was from Shimmer Boutique in Lewisville Texas.

The next morning we were invited to have “Breakfast at Tiffanys” in the store. Vicky Renolds and Liza Zito selected Blue Book pieces and asked if Willa and I would be models for some of them! We were able to listen to the details of how “Rare and Radiant” the Blue Book pieces were!

We walked away in awe of our time in Chicago. We still talk about our New York trip, but this was just as special.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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