Unboxing the new Cricut Explore Air 2!

Disney crafting at a whole new level! Disney shirts? Check. Disney styled monograms? Check. Disney cards? Check. Make a long list of ideas now because the new Cricut Explore Air 2 is now available! Why is this better than Explore Air? It’s faster! I also felt that the writing  tool on the last machine was so slow. This new machine will pick up the pace! Just in time to do my Christmas addresses! I’m very excited to have this machine! Check out my video as I unbox this beautiful machine that will produce some Disney Magic! And check the Mickey Halloween shirt!

Bringing more magic to your home!

I’m always looking for ways of bringing the magic to our home. We all wish we were in Walt Disney World right now. But in reality we cannot simply live there. Can you imagine life if you could? Disney is everywhere. Try to walk in a store and NOT see something with the Disney logo on it! The gas station? It’s there! If you’re like me, you notice it too! I like looking for it! I wanted to show you some stuff I recently came across that is fun and unique. Afterall, it makes us happy!

First of all-have you updated your iwatch? Because this new update is AWESOME! Tap on Minnie (or Mickey) and she talks to you! It’s adorable!


Utz Halloween snacks are available at Target! The packaging is bright! Mickey Shaped Veggie Chips can be purchased from Target or Fresh Thyme. Pure Growth animal crackers are available at Walmart!


Joffrey’s coffee is available in Walt Disney World Resorts! Ever tried it? It’s very good! You can purchase their coffee online here.


This Pixar crock pot is a winner for dinner! It is sold by Box Lunch for $42.90 but you can get it cheaper on Amazon for $35.00.


And finally…. THIS. That Grand Floridian smell. Yes my friends, this is legit. Ahhhhhhh…… Anthology candles sold here.


I will continue to search for goodies to remind us of the Happiest Place on Earth! Keep checking back for more!



Disney makes us feel alive!

It’s true, Disney World is magical. I didn’t get to experience Disney World until I was in my early 30’s. My husband and I went without our son (don’t worry, we made it up to him later on) for my first visit. I cried when I saw the castle! I’m a grown woman and that castle made me cry! Disney just does it right. It’s so hard explain the feelings you have when entering the massive property. I couldn’t wait to plan our next trip with our son. I thought a Disney cruise would be a good idea as well. Let me tell you right now-the cruise is amazing. We’ve cruised many nice cruise lines and nothing compares to a Disney cruise. The theming, the food, the entertainment, their private island and the easy access to characters. It’s Magical. During this first trip with our son, we decided to become Disney Vacation Club Members. It’s basically a time share with the Disney company. I ‘m pretty proud to be a member too. It’s like being involved with a community. The members are very involved as you’ll find many online groups sharing their memories and knowledge with each other. I love hearing “Welcome Home!” from the cast members as we enter into our home villas (we own at The Grand Floridian and Bay Lake Tower). If you’re asking me if it’s worth being a DVC member, I would immediately say yes! We go so often, we always end up borrowing points from the following year. Here’s what I love about Disney World-the sights, the smells, the feeling of being welcomed, being yourself and getting complimented for it! Disney World is for everyone and I love that. I started this blog because this subject has many compartments. One blog post isn’t going to be enough, so keep checking back each week. Here is one of our videos (happens to be my most favorite for now). I hope it gives you a smile and an idea why it makes our family feel alive!

Jenny Lind High Chair

I love collecting old things. I like to imagine what kind of people owned these objects. For example, I own two vintage typewriters. I try to think of the people who put a lot of thought into what they were typing. Were they typing letters to their loved ones?  Then I came across photos of vintage high chairs on Pinterest. I was on a mission to find a Jenny Lind high chair! I read numerous blogs on how hard they were to find. I searched Ebay and Etsy, they were listed for $200 and up! I couldn’t give in to paying that much (at least not right away. Only if I was desperate enough, I would have). I’m pretty good with research skills, I wasn’t going to give up so easy anyway. Craiglist had one listing. That person lived a hour away. I was going to beg my husband to get it, he loves me right? I never really paid any attention to the new feature on Facebook, the market section. I was up really late one night because I couldn’t get it off my mind! I got on Facebook and that lightbulb went off! Look in that market section!! And so I did! There was a listing that was close to the house! Boy, was I lucky. I really do think something was pulling me to look there that night. So whatever it was-I was thankful!

Chalkpaint and some help from my parents, it is now perfect. Exactly what I wanted for my baby girl. Now I can imagine the child who once sat in this chair. Their loving mother feeding them meals from the heart 🙂



How to monogram your Yeti Cooler


I recently purchased a Cricut machine so I could monogram basically everything. I was so excited about this machine. After a few posts on Instagram of my monograms, I was asked to do a tutorial! I’m pretty new at this, but I didn’t mind sharing my new experience with you all. The vinyl was purchased from Etsy

You can also purchase the Cricut machine on Amazon (I found it to be cheaper there)

I hope you enjoy the video. If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to help!





Mickey Waffles=Magical Breakfast!

I recorded a very short Vlog to showcase our two Mickey waffle machines. Everyone who is a “Disney geek” knows that Mickey waffles are magical! I get so excited when the special Mickey waffles arrive at our table! Below is a photo taken from The Grand Floridian at Walt Disney World. Those sprinkles!! Oh boy! And look how little Austin is! Can I just cry??


I took a few official photos of our version below.




Are you going on a Disney trip soon? Surprise the kids one morning! This would be a great idea to keep the excitement in the house! Obviously these aren’t the SAME as WDW’s version, but good enough!

Mickey waffle machines are sold on Amazon:

Small Mickey Waffle Machine

Large Mickey Waffle Machine

Mickey Sprinkles




Out with the old and in with the new!

“Out with the old and in with the new!”  What does that mean exactly? In the fall of 2015, my schedule was packed with photo sessions. I worked every weekend in September and October. I had photo sessions booked every morning and afternoon while editing like crazy during the workweek. I loved having the “high” of booking clients and shooting their sessions. I really had a great time chasing after small children and being the loudest person in the park. But there was something that was tugging at my heart. I really missed spending these mornings and afternoons with my family. I started to feel sad too. Spring and Fall is the busiest time for photography. I totally get why too. The trees are either in bloom or have that brilliant fall color. The weather is perfect too.IMG_8722680285_328264800614325_1217717254_o

Every weekend there’s spring and fall festivities. I missed out on a lot of them too. When I looked at my calendar hoping to fit something in, I got very sad. It really hurt my heart missing these young years with my child. I felt this way with Austin, no doubt about it. After Audrey was born, I know these years were going to fly by. Austin is already 5! I needed to make a decision. Over the past year, I would bring my feelings to Rob. I needed to talk this out. This was a big decision for me. Why, what’s the big deal? Well…I worked so hard to build my clientele. I spent a lot of money to build my business too. You know what they say, “you have to spend money to make money.”  Then the time designing my logo, web site and so on. But the biggest deal was failure. Am I failure for quitting? I hate quitting. I even hate that word “quit.” Finally, after my final discussion with Rob, he assured me of his support. Then the next step was the “email.” I was so scared hitting that send button. I clicked send… and you know what? I received many messages expressing support! I couldn’t sleep that night, because I was reading my emails that kept coming in! I no longer felt ashamed for “quitting.” I am proud of myself for the work I’ve done in the past 5 years. I am SO grateful for the friendships I’ve made in those 5 years too!  After I closed my web site and sent my email out to everyone, I felt better about the future with my family. I was immediately daydreaming of the fall and how we are going to spend time together. I am really excited!

Ok, so what’s the new all about? I still have a need to be creative. It’s who I am. If i’m not doing something creative, I get crabby! Just ask my hubby 🙂 For a really long time, I always wanted to start a blog and vlog on random topics. I love photography and videography! Why not use both to show the world my ideas and knowledge! I don’t expect to be popular at this. If I give ONE person a smile, then I’m happy! So expect my silly random posts on Disney and other “mom” ideas. This isn’t going to take away time from my family, because it will involve them! How fun is that? So please follow and subscribe to my blog and Youtube channel. It will mean the world to me, whether I have one follower or  50 followers! It doesn’t matter 🙂 My channel will be up and running shortly.

Thanks for reading. Now let’s have a magical time!